Relationships and Sensuality - How to Become More Sensual

By Deb Allen

If I asked if you are a sensual person what would you say? What if I asked you if you love yourself? The reason for the second question is that the two go hand in hand. I will try to explain the connection between the two. The topic is important because becoming more sensual can enhance your relationship. 

What Makes A Person Attractive?

I am sure that many people would answer the above question with a description of physical qualities. But in reality attractiveness comes from other qualities. In fact, people that display confidence and a loving and playful personality are usually considered to be attractive, regardless of their outward appearance. 

These same people have very a sensual quality. If it is a woman we are talking about men seem to be magically drawn to her. They may even be surprised at the attraction because her outward appearance may be very different than their usual preference. 

Your mother was right if she told you that beauty comes from within. But what if you do not have an inner beauty; what if you do not present yourself as feeling confident, loving and playful? 

Becoming More Sensual

Let's begin by discussing what makes a person feel confident. Step one is to love thyself. You've heard it before and I am sure you will hear it again and again; you have to love yourself first. Get to know yourself inside and out. Fall in love with what you find. 

You are a wonderful person to start with and you can easily make yourself better. We have all heard the saying, "Fake it 'til you make it." I usually say you should not fake anything but this is definitely an exception to that.

The more you pretend or act like a self-confident, playful and loving person the more it will become a part of you. Soon you will find that the qualities are not fake at and that you truly are more self-confident. Your new personality traits will be attractive and other people will naturally be drawn to you. 

Moods are contagious so if you exhibit wonderful qualities such as that of being playful and loving other people will desire to share in that. This may happen without the other person realizing or understanding the dynamics at play but the important thing is that it works. 

Confident people use their voice, facial expressions, their eyes and their hands in sensual and attractive ways. Being sensual is a way to seduce without being obvious. Relationships and sensuality are preludes to wonderful sexual relationships. 

Tip for women: when you are talking with a partner or a desired partner, try touching your face gently in order to draw attention. You might want to begin by softly and slowly caressing your jaw line. Then consider a soft and slow massage of the area behind one ear. Next you can slowly let your hand slide down your neck and caress your clavicle bone. 

The point is that your intended partner will follow your hand and he will begin thinking about how you are touching yourself. You will appear sensual and he will desire you in a new way. Little things like playing with your hair or gently stroking your arm or leg can have the same effect. 

If this act intimidates you I recommend that you practice in a mirror this. You see, if you perform the same act quickly it will not have the same effect at all. Slowly and gently is the key. 

Sensuality is a very real part of seduction. It becomes a part of who you are and you become one of those people that others say they can't really put their finger on it but there is something special and unique about you. Your sensuality continues to blossom and your confidence soars. It becomes a wonderful cycle of sensuality!

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